Awful New ‘My Aged Care’ referral process

Copy of feedback sent to DSSfeedback@dss.gov.au


This is another really terrible referral process >> https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/referral

Already having Blue Care reject paper referrals, and will only accept this Jurassic electronic submission where all details of client and health professional need to be entered EACH TIME, as well as lengthy text detailing issues and medical conditions. This process is a joke.

The AMA has published a list of 10 minimum standards for Medical Forms >>https://ama.com.au/article/10-minimum-standards-medical-forms
I think that ALL ten points were missed with this approach.

This is utterly unbelievable when NeTHA have been trying to run out some real standards for eHealth across Australian Health Practitioners, that someone in another government department decides that a web form that requires individual completion is step forwards. This is ludicrous. Government departments should be made follow the same lead government lead (NeTHA).

(HL7 is the answer by the way, and this portal should accept secure submitted referral documents so that the appropriate fields are auto-completed)

The form doesn’t ask for HPI-I, HPI-O or IHI of the patient. This is basic level stuff in the NeTHA plan. It is almost like this department is oblivious to NeTHA.

And why, are you asking the referrer’s date of birth. How possibly could that be relevant?

Wonder if I’ll get a response to this one…?