Installing and Using Matt’s Best Practice Reporting tool

Step 1 – Simply create a new folder somewhere on your computer, i.e. in ‘My Documents’ or even on your desktop.
Step 2 – Download ‘Matts_BP_Reports.exe’ into that folder
Step 3 – Right click and ‘Unblock’ the file if necessary
Step 4 – Double Click ‘Matts BP Reports.exe’. This will run the program and show some reports using your data.

(Running the program may take a couple of minutes, depending on the speed of your computer and the size of your Best Practice database. It will have completed when the reports display. If you have Microsoft Excel, reports will be generated in Excel. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, the reports will show in your web browser)

*** Free 3 month trial ***



****This program does not use Best Practice permissions – it will just work.
The program **ONLY** reads your data, but you should limit where it is saved to locations that require some Windows permissions to access. You wouldn’t want to leave it where it is accessible to any user or they may be able to dump all Best Practice user information and ANY patient information from your Best Practice database.