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Tailored learning and practice-specific questions and issues can be instantly addressed, we are an instant help desk. With our modern and easy, training techniques you will be amazed at how much can be learnt in a couple of hours!

Group Training

We have extensive experience in running workshops at conferences. Matt has presented at an RACGP Conference, at RDAQ conferences, at AAPM Staff Development days, PHN/ Division training days and Best Practice Summits.

Additionally, we have experience in presenting custom sessions to practice groups within your practice. We have provided sessions for groups of doctors, sessions for teams of nurses, and sessions for Administrative teams.

Onsite training is available for day, evening or weekend sessions. You determine when, where and how many people you wish to include. Full day training specifically adapted for individual practices is a speciality.

Small Groups Online

Small-group online training can be particularly useful for new practices, or practices that are changing software. For example, following a conversion to Best Practice Premier from Pracsoft, you could get all of the admin team together to interactively learn how the new software works.

Shared learning ensures that all of the team use the same processes moving forward.

Online Individual Training

We can offer remote individual tuition. This is a really popular way to teach new GP registrars or locums how to use Clinical Software. You book a day and time that is suitable. Requirements are a telephone and an internet connected computer. A typical individualised session takes 2 hours.

This is ideal for doctors with reasonable computer skills but limited knowledge of the clinical software.

Meanwhile test your knowledge.

Try our self paced quizzes. Following email based registration, initial modules are free.

There are a number of modules to complete. Start with ten easy Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) multiple choice questions.