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Copied from Riwka Hagan’s post from 19th February 2021

As you’ll be aware, there is a FB storm in play at the moment in Australia on account of the introduction of new media laws to be enacted. FB has blocked all news links (and others) as a protest. We are not sure how all this will play out, but in an effort to protect our beloved PMN, we are taking steps to ensure our group can survive, even if FB interferes with this. On that basis, as a pre-emptive move, please feel free to submit your contact details via this form if you would like us to let you know of plan B (should this be required). Your information will not be used for ANY purpose other than as described here. Hopefully we’re being paranoid, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real 🙂 Take care everyone and keep chatting in the meantime😘

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