Bookkeeping for Practices XERO allows for remote bookkeeping services by specially trained GP Bookkeepers. We provide onsite and remote services.

IT Services For Doctors We provide expert IT Services, including software, hardware, email services and networking set ups. We even provide Staff training.

Staff For Doctors We take away the headache of hiring, training, turnover and staff management. Work with less stress and more freedom, and let us take care of these issues.

Practice Management Consulting For Doctors We specialises in practice management and consulting, providing practice and staff management in a professional and efficient manner.
Business Consulting For Doctors At Healthy Business for Doctors we have extensive hands on experience and are able to set up systems and procedures to ensure everything is running smoothly in the motor room.

Marketing For Doctors At Healthy Business for Doctors we can look after your websites, brochures, business cards and promotional activities.


I first met Matt in 2012 when I opened my first practice. Matt was amazing. In three days he set up my computer hardware, organised the installation of Best Practice and then gave all of us training about how to get things running. I think I got a weeks worth of work in three days. It was very practical and much needed advice. I have subsequently had him visit to give us a practice check-up. He gave me valuable insight into the performance of our administration team. Once again his breadth of experience and knowledge was of great benefit to me as a practice owner. His knowledge of the working of Best Practice is really second to none in Australia. Matt has run multiple practices as a practice manager and practice owner. He can see things from the perspective of the owner and manager. If you need help setting up a practice or providing some training or auditing of your administration team I couldn't recommend him highly enough. The only downside is that he is a Queenslander 😉

Dr John Deery

- Multi Practice Owner
Matt Gilchrist has been our practice management consultant, bookkeeper and general “practice fixer” for over the past 12 months. Matt has what I consider to be unique skills in general practice management which combine his business management background, an intimate knowledge of practice software and his experience both as a practice manager and owner.  Matt has helped me gain much better control by making our systems more robust and accountable.  As the person ultimately responsible for the practice (and it’s bills) this has given me a lot of confidence.  Problems which would have been difficult and time consuming for our staff to manage have been dealt with easily, effectively and very promptly by Matt.  He’s a “straight shooter” and doesn’t take “that’s the way we usually do it” for an answer, allowing us to optimise our processes and anticipate problems before they are realised.  This has allowed us to operate a better and more efficient general practice. Matt is also very reliable and has been keen to be involved in meetings, always responding quickly and reliably to requests.  General practice is at the end of the day a small business, but it’s a rarity to find people who have a background primarily in business management directly involved.  Matt provides us with a business “edge” to our practice, allowing us more time to concentrate on what we’re good at which is patient care.  His skills really help to “plug the gap” between were our accountant ends and our practice manager begins. We’re looking forward to continuing our association with Matt Gilchrist into the future.  He’s now an invaluable member of our practice.

Dr David Chambers

- GP Principal of Limestone Medical Centre
Goondir Health Services engaged IT4Doctors in late 2014 to review clinic operations provided at each of its sites.  The review objective was to establish if Goondir was achieving maximum health outputs and income generation and if not, advise how more efficient and effective management of its resources could achieve the objective without effecting best practice health care.  This activity was undertaken in a relatively short timeframe, with agreed issues and recommendations for remedial actions being implemented by Goondir.

Floyd Leedie

- CEO of Goondir Health Services
Matt Gilchrist’s knowledge of both IT systems in general practice as well as all aspects of practice management is excellent. Matt has been extremely helpful during this time, always happy to answer immediate questions, not restricted to business hours. The amount of help I received was beyond the call of duty. I would recommend IT4Doctors to any (general) practice that would like someone with extensive and specific knowledge of general practice IT systems as well as general IT systems.

Dr Nadine Goodman-Nadall

- Barwon Medical Centre, Mungindi NSW